Hi everyone. I've been wanting to do another art review and upload a few pics from the amazing Kehinde Wiley show that was at The Modern Fort Worth last month but, that'll just have to get postponed a little longer. (Please take my word though that the show is a MUST see.) Back to current projects though, I moved down to Georgetown, Texas just over a month ago and I want to share some completed work now that it's safe to do so. (I'll update this post with even more things once other projects go to market as well.)

First up, the CrossOver desk by NextDesk. I didn't design this product but, I worked on all the renders and animations that went into this video that another coworker, Paul, edited together.

Fun, huh! I get such a kick out of that pointing hand for some reason.

Anyway, that was a cool project and great product for anyone who doesn't want to throw down big bucks on getting a full size electronic desk or replace their current desk. If that's you, the CrossOver is the perfect power adjustable hybrid.

Here are some other renders for NextDesk and EvoDesk too.

There's a 'shop (Photoshop) contest going on in response to Barbie's release of a new 'Game Developer Barbie' doll to create the best or funniest image. Considering EvoDesk has a model marketed as the best gaming desk around, I made this for Spindle360's copywriter, Emily, who then included it in one of her blog posts.

Coming soon will be two more products that I've had the opportunity to design completely on my own.

Stay tuned!