3D Models And Renders

EvoDesk And Stream Filters


This is a compilation of my own original designs of desktop riser and balance board concepts that I came up with for NextDesk - Standing Desk Solutions (now known as EvoDesk) while at Spindle360, a design firm in Georgetown, Texas.

The desktop risers were a way of turning a normal table or desk into a standing desk, and the balance boards were something to stand on to help restless legs sort of stretch and move while standing at the standing desk. I explored a variety of materials for the risers including MDF, sheet metal, polycarbonate and bamboo with a variety of skins and paint jobs as well. The balance boards range from organic to geometric in shape, and from stepped to fluid curves.

Skills Employed:

  • SolidWorks 3D Modeling

  • KeyShot 3D Rendering

  • KeyShot Animations


To see my work in action, check out the websites themselves! The majority of renders seen on the websites (as in texture, color and lighting effects) are my doing. The models themselves were pre-existing at the time but blank or in need of updating.


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